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 No Boyz Allowed [Get Your Butts In Here]

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No Boyz Allowed [Get Your Butts In Here] Empty
PostSubject: No Boyz Allowed [Get Your Butts In Here]   No Boyz Allowed [Get Your Butts In Here] EmptyThu Feb 12, 2009 7:42 pm

[.Note: If you write yourself into the crew, you have to be female. That's kind of the whole premiss this is running on - The Girls.]

"Abigail, our bearing?"

"We're coming up on the port now," From below where the first voice had called for, the blonde-haired beauty called back, checking that states of her own, homemade, radar. They were in a zero, blind, fog so thick that you could cut a knife through it. Flip... Another switch. Swatch... Another rotation. "Yeks, take a look at those life readings. You'd think they were expecting us."

"By all rights, day should. Eh, men. Day live in 'ope, and die in desperation."

Abby looked to her right, but instead of seeing Elsie eye to eye, all she saw was the girl's scantily clad boobs staring her right in the face. Damn that girl needs to put on a better shirt, or at least stop bending over. Ignoring the whore, that said with the best intentions, Abigail reached over and pulled the leaver the Irishwomen was using as a kick-stand. "Cover those up sometime, why don't cha?"

"And let dem miss all da fun. Dis is Zonde, girly. All da scum down dare is just begging for us, and if it 'elps us get what we need, let'em drool..."

Abigail just rolled her eyes and went back to her radar. Elsie was right, at least about knowing the merchants of Zonde are far more likely to cut a deal for a girl who's wearing low cuts, but honestly it didn't matter what reason Elsie had given her, Abby knew that she liked it too much. There was more then one reason why the crew called her "Nookie". Truthfully the only reason that Elsie sleeping around with ever man she laid eyes upon is that she had never found a man that is as good a shot as she was. Pun intended. [.BTW: Elsie would be the sniper on the ship.]

"Captain, we're prepared for docking." From behind the wheel, the very secretarial voice of Liv called up to the captain's chair. Olivia, or Liv as she is called, was only barely better then Nookie. She still wore a bra at least, if you call that being better.

"Set her down then Miss Pots." **Clang!** The words were followed by the stiff sound of boots slamming against the floor below. One of the best things about Captain Black was also one of the worst, she had no patients, and thusly would always refuse to take the stairs is she could. "Mistresses Pots, Presscot, and Darling. You're with me on the land crew. You too Nookie." No one quite knew why Nookie was the only one that the captain called by the her nickname, but no one dared to ask either. Almost immediately as their names were called, all the listed girls rose and followed after the captain. The redhead slut, the secretary from behind the wheel, even the quiet girl still wearing her pink scrubs, all go up alongside Abigail as they walked towards the exit to the main hall. "The rest of you, batten down the hatches and keep the vultures away."

Zonde was home to the worst of the worse, and there was bound to be a few scavengers that come along to try and take what they could from the ship, or from the girls. This would not be the first time the sex-crazed men of the island would be met with the Valkyries, and if the men got their way, it won't be the last. But hey, what kind of guy is going to say no to an all girl crew?

The hatch doors opened as the five women walked out into the foggy mist that had consumed the island. "Let's get what we need lasses."

Take what you can, and give nothing back...

That was the code Scarlet Black lived by, a true pirate of the modern years, yet one with the best intentions.
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No Boyz Allowed [Get Your Butts In Here]
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