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PostSubject: Stormchaser   Stormchaser EmptyThu Feb 12, 2009 1:57 pm

Stormchaser - The Sword of the Skys
Stormchaser Airship___The_Stormchaser

**This airship is one of the fastest around, able to fly circles around traditional ships. The secrete is that it runs fully on technology, which is well kept above anything else. It mainly runs through charting off of the magnetic pull of the planet, allowing for the forces of nature themselves propel, even so much as manipulating gravity through the polarization of the all in order to make them lighter, and thusly, faster.

Cumulus - Exploration Vehicle
Stormchaser Airship_by_egeusz
[.Ignore most of the advanced weapons.]

Bolt Cycle
Stormchaser Motorcycle_by_nancynismo
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