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 Vincent R. Watts

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PostSubject: Vincent R. Watts   Vincent R. Watts EmptyWed Jan 28, 2009 3:52 am

Vincent R. Watts VincentValentine_400pixel

Age: 23
Height: 6' 1"
Personal Traits:
Sort of the charming rogue, Vincent was of noble stock, but has now left that life in search of adventure and fortune. Everything about him speaks of wit and class. This enables him to be confident and calm no matter what or who he is dealing with, but at its worst it may seem like a dangerous indifference liable to get him killed one day. Still, he is not one to let other fight his battles for him. Everything he does is done so he has to deal with it once, never leaving a job unfinished, an opponent with anything less than a sound beating, and a fetching damsel without a kind word and smile.
Should conditions merit it, or be he in free country, Vincent has the look of a traveling wanderer. Underneath: heavy suit designed for exploration and combat, all covered by his signature red cape and cowl. He may seem like a country renegade, but once he speaks, no one dares doubt his education, noble birth, or his high spirits. In short, he bears the look of a good hearted scoundrel.
Gentleman's Attire:
Special occasions call for special attire, and if anyone presumes to think that Vincent R. Watts doesn't have good taste in the products of tailoring, well they are quite wrong. Fashionable and becoming pants, with white shirt, tie, jacket, and dueling coat are all part of this marvelous masterpiece of personal presentation.

History for Vincent it is a rather tricky thing. He remembers that he was a noble, but was he descendant of a line hailing from Northern or Southern Bartona? Plenty of images surrounding the pranks of schoolboys fill his mind, but he can't quite seem to place a name to a face. No recollection of a friend or family member, Vincent however has come to terms that history is not so much his concern right now as is the future. Digging up into other people's pasts only brings trouble, how much more so your will your own nag you? Vincent has a heritage based in society, order, justice, education, and class. Armed with these, he can choose whatever future he pleases.
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Vincent R. Watts
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