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 Abigail Darling

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PostSubject: Abigail Darling   Abigail Darling EmptyWed Dec 31, 2008 12:51 am

Basic Information
Name: Abigail Darling
--Nickname: Abby :: Abs :: Darling
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Looks: A blue eyed, blonde haired beauty with a heart of gold. It’s what every man dreams of, right?

Well, sorry guys, but your bubble has been busted. Yeah, Abby might have all the essentials your looking for, but this girl is far form the kind that will paint her nails or put on that little black dress you’re always dreaming about, and she’s even farther away if your dreams are quite so well clothed. Abby has dirty blonde hair, usually drawn back in a ponytail, which is then covered up with a read cap, flipped backwards so that some of her bangs can stick through the front. If she is not covered in grease then her skin is actually rather fine, after all a girl’s got to shower even is she does spend most of her days working away on all types of machines. However, if she’s just been on the job, or if she has just been blowing some steam, it’s typical for Abby to have a few grease stains. The girl’s eyes are deep blue, and her eyelashes are surprisingly done up, giving her a very piercing look, almost seductive to some. She has a very hourglass shape, but not on that she goes great lengths to maintain. Rather, she stays fit through hard work, which is more then can be said about most women, and even some men, she’s been around.

Her underwear is white, which means that her white T-shirt usually ends up with black stains from oil on it. Other then this, Abby can usually be found wearing something of a baggy jump suit, which is good for a mechanic, but not so good if you are trying to look womanly. However, Abby makes up for this with usually not wearing the upper shirt to the engineering suit, and her overalls are usually kept down. On top of that, she isn’t exactly the type to wear a belt. This suit is the same color as her burgundy cap. On her hands the girl wears fairly tough gloves to keep her hands safe as she works. The gloves are light brown, and she had a thick pair of steel-toe boots to match, along with a loose fitting hip pouch for her tools of the trade. If she’s away from the shop, these tools, along with the large monkey wrench she carries and the goggles strapped around her neck, are practically all she has on her as far as useful things go, but the girl never goes anywhere within having a pistol in her back pocket, a habit she took up form her father’s teachings.

Personality: Abby was a girl that didn’t grow up with dolls or ponies, and thusly her interest as a woman are a bit different then other ones. Abby’s really smart when it comes to technology, even the stuff she’s never seen before in her life, and one of her dreams is to work on a airship, or rather fly one if she ever go the chance. It’s the classic dream of a better life, but because she’s smart she realizes that you’ve got to do what you’re good at, and the best way she can help people and herself is through her work with machines. Other then her smarts, Abby’s got a load of spunk. The girl never takes no for an answer, unless if the answer she wants is no. Basically, she gets her way through hard work, bullheadedness, and the proper means of persuasion, if you know what that means. Yep, the whole monkey wrench to the crotch bit never hurt anyone, except maybe any guy that has come on to strong for her liking. She’s tough, she’s strong willed, and she worries more about breaking one of her socket wretches more the she worries about breaking a nail or two. However, beneath her tough girl exterior is an even tougher one! What the girl may lack in body strength, she makes up for with ingenuity, and while the people in the shop aren’t exactly at par with the champions of major companies, Abby’s not afraid to fight if she believes in what she is fighting for.

Some Information
Occupation: Engineer :: Mechanic

Background Information
History: Since the time she can remembers, Abigail lived on the base of a fairly successful company, known as Heaven’s Demons, HD for short. The girl was not the kind to grow up with dolls or dreams of ponies, but instead she adjusted to life at the base as best she could, for she was one of the few children that were kept on the base. Her mother died young on in her life, and her father was a fairly successful rising champion. If it wasn’t for the potential of her father and the prowess he showed in combat, it is likely that Abigail won’t have been allowed to stay with her father, as the heads of the company were always against it. However, without a mother to take care of her, Abigail had to live on the base with her father. The only bad part about this was, the only way for her father to keep enough favor to allow Abigail to remain with him, he had to constantly work, taking on more and more challenges for his clients. Thusly, Abigail was constantly left alone at the base, and the champions that are either one rest or in the infirmary aren’t exactly the friendliest of types when it comes to entertaining a little girl.

Luckily, however, Abigail wasn’t entirely along. An old mechanic in the shops of the base let the girl stick around as he worked on anything his employers would throw at him, and in this time Abigail learned more then a thing or two about technology. She was a natural at it, and as the girl grew, she became even better, taking on a tough girl attitude that comes with the mechanic job. By the time she was 16, the girl has mastered most common technology, and she has never turned away from working on tech that she doesn’t know about, yet. However, by this time, her father had become older, lacking the same resolve he had in his youth. The girl was very concerned, knowing that the more her father fought now, the more chance that he would get himself killed, while at the same time not fighting meant getting fired. It was quite the conundrum. By this time, however, Abigail had gained something of an advantage herself. She was one of the best hands HD had for working with their machinery, but she refused to take payment for her work as a ways of compensating for her father. She didn’t want to let her father know that she was supplementing wages to keep him hired, and so she would take on more and more work just to keep the heads of the company happy when it came to her family.

During this time in the shop, Abigail worked on countless machines, some which only a few in their life ever get to see, let along fine tune. Furthermore, this was how the girl came to get her dream, which was to fly in one of them. In fact, at the main hanger of the base, there was an old, broken down airship, one that Abigail swore she could rebuild, if only she had the right parts for it. However, that little project was personal, and since it wasn’t a project of HD, it wasn’t one that she could fund. One thing that she could do however, was work on a special gift for her father. Filing her work under a false project, Abigail used what resources she could safely obtain without much notice to building a suit of full body armor; one that was more advanced then the old armor of the knights. She incorporated technology into the suit, designing it so that someone without much power could operate it. Her idea was to give her father an advantage, allowing him to keep his job. However, the problem was, Abby could never get the darn thing to run. Sure it had a thick hide and guns incorporated into it, but no power source she through into it could get the thing to move.

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from the moment of stress. Her father was commissioned to a trial that he couldn’t refuse, else he’d lose everything. In fact, her father was picked for the very fact that he couldn’t fight at his peak, and the company was banking on a loose, for it had been set up discretely to work out better for the heads of HD if the other side won. Thusly, they were throwing on of their champions out there to loose, throwing them out there to die! Abigail pleaded with the heads to stop, but they won’t listen, at least not until she volunteered to fight in her father’s stead. In the mind of the heads, she was a sure lose, even more certain then her father, who could pull of some last minute trick with the enchanted weapon he possessed. Plus, with the girl death, her father would either quit, or dedicate all the time he was spending with Abigail to the company, so either way they didn’t have much to lose. Her father tried to protest, but Abby was too stubborn, almost running out to the field, and to certain death. However, her father managed to stop her, if only for a moment, placing the enchanted necklace he had around her neck in hopes that it would keep her safe. There was nothing more he could do, for his leg had been broken just the week before. He knew exactly what the company was aiming at.

Running out to her death, Abigail passed right by the room in which her special project was kept in. At first she passed it, but stopping her run, the girl back up, hesitating at first before looking down at the necklace her father had given her. Without another thought, the girl fitted herself into her suit, praying before she quickly modified the power source to run off of the necklace, and as it would turn out, her own spiritual energy.

By the time that the battle had stated, it was not the same Abigail that entered the field. As astounding as it was, no one even believed that it was Abigail that had come to fight. The company’s head was dumbfounded, for when they looked out onto what should have been Abigail, they saw instead a massive juggernaut in her place. The battle was intense, but quick, Abby adjusting well to the contraption that she could finally get moving. She was not without her own damage, but luckily the suit was designed to take a few punches and leave the wearer safe. After the battle was finished, and the bosses sufficiently annoyed, they demanded to know whom it was that had fought for her. Abigail took this chance to hide her secret that she had through she had lost, telling everyone that she had hired a new champion at the last minute. When the bosses threatened that her father would have to pull double time to make up for their losses, her father did something that not even Abigail expected. He quit!

However, this time he was leaving on his own terms. Abigail walked out with her father, and used some of her existing connections in the shop she had practically run to get a special crate of supplies shipped out for her. With her father out of work, Abigail took to the road, traveling so as to make as much money as she could to support her father, who would be a long time out of work, not only because of his leg, but also because of the fact that he had many lasting battle wounds. The only work he was good for was fighting, but if he were to fight, he would most likely die.

Misc. Data

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