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 Welcome Friends!

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Welcome Friends! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome Friends!   Welcome Friends! EmptySat Dec 27, 2008 4:01 pm

Hey guys! It's me! :D

So, welcome to this! It's a secret project that was developed about a week ago resulting from some conversations some of us had about being tired of RPing in the Naruto world. So I made a new one. If you're reading this, you are one of a few selected individuals that we feel would enjoy RPing here: you are someone that has enough creative energy to keep things moving and the world growing and yet enough common sense to not ruin everything with the amount of freedom granted.

In short, you're not just an RPer, you're a writer.


Uh, okay Tsu, so what's this RP based on?

Er, I suppose it's based on...nothing? Well, that's not entirely true, there are obvious influences, but this world is one that I invented in the early summer of 2007 with the intent of writing a novel based on it. I didn't, but I still had the notebooks sitting around, so when it came to build a new one, it was a snap!

The short of it is that this is a Steampunk Fantasy World: think the 19th Century with some additional advanced technology using more primitive means (the very definition of Steampunk; there's a section on Steampunk within the Welcome Section you can read up on after you're done here) but there's a bit of magic in here as well.

Wow, you built a whole world? That sounds daunting. How long will it take me to learn?

Truthfully, it's not that well-defined, and that's done on purpose. The magic system, government, and some of the cultural norms and names are defined, but only to give you something to anchor on. Beyond that, it's totally open for you to add on to. Seriously. Without an official "canon" to have to adhere to, there's limitless possibilities: you want to RP as the Prince? Fine with me. You want to be a super-famous swordsman? Go for it.

Heck, you'll see in the creation section that there's a "country and kingdom" creation. You can add onto the world beyond what I've made!

Aww man, creation section. That sucks.

It doesn't! Using the creation section is completely optional. There are no templates, there is no approval. Why? Because I only invited the best. Line counts, suitability, overpowering...none of that matters when you trust everyone on the site. The only thing that needs real "approval" is if you want to add on a kingdom or a country, and all that really needs to happen is to make sure that it's well-defined, fits with the Principality, and that enough other people like it.

So...rank ups? Exams?

Psh, don't need them. The point isn't to win battles, the point is to write awesome stories.

Wow this is a great idea! LET'S TELL EVERYONE!


Look, there are many, many reasons I only invited a select few. Some I wrote above, others I'm keeping to myself. But I don't want all of Naruto C to come here. I just want you guys. So I ask you, please, PLEASE do not tell anyone else about this, even if you decide you don't want to join. I of course have NO compunction about using the ban control, but it'll save some bruised egos if I don't have to ban people that aren't invited, you see?

I'm interested. What do I do?

The "Welcome" section contains all the information about the world you'll need to read in sticky form. If you have any questions about anything, just post them in the topics and I'll do my best to answer or clarify. You can also offer suggestions if you want, I'm open to anything. If you want to join, then join and say "hey" in the intro thread in the Harolounge.

Eh, I don't think so, Tsu.

No problem! There will be no hard feelings if you decide this isn't for you. Just let me know via PM on Naruto C that you are declining. I won't hold it against you.

Any further questions can also be asked here! But:

Welcome to Company of Justice
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Welcome Friends!
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