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 Daithread part

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PostSubject: Daithread part   Daithread part EmptySat May 26, 2012 2:39 pm

There was no light in the room, save for what came through the wall of windows on the opposite side. A twisting stream puddled down the center of it. At first, it seemed like blood.

Then came the smell.

The stream of muddy, rotten sewage came from seven sources. Seven men whose features were obscured by the layer of waste smeared across them. They lay on the table, on the floor, pressed against the wall.

The floors and walls fanned with filth, splattered with sewage. The attacks had been directed. Hosed. Pressed down on each of the men until they drowned in it.

A figure waited by the window, a seven foot tall, lumpy and undulating golem of waste. It's hulking shape lumbered around, leaving stained footsteps. Two glowing blue points of light beamed out from its head.

I thought using sewage would be appropriate. These men are like sewage, after all. Cast away from civilization, deemed useless. They thought they had the right to be angry, to demand more, to change something. Sewage that could kill. Poetic that I would create a being that did exactly that.

It took a step forward.

I had only sought to punish these men for their crimes. Leave it to the great Dainichi Kaizoku to prevent them.

Who the hell are you? Or...what the hell are you.

I am the one who will remind the world what true power is.” the creature clenched its rotten fist, dropping globlues onto the floor. “I am the one who will tear the notion of equality apart. Too many people have been inspired by you and your kind, Dai. They have forgotten the rule of nature: that only the strong survive. I shall be the one to remind them.

"It's the duty of the strong to protect those who aren't! Everyone fights to get strong and survive, but not everyone is meant to be a warrior. What's so wrong about the equality we're building here? Without people like these guys and you, everyone could be happy in peace!"

The creature let loose a coughing laugh that sloshed in its chest.

I should have expected you to start spouting off your nonsense immediately...well, no matter. You and I have a destiny, Dai. You and I are meant to test our strength against one another and see whose values will prevail. But not today.

The golem waved its arm toward one of the fallen men, splattering him with a fresh burst of filth.

I was merely doing you a favor today. The destruction of the Republic, the birth of chaos, that is my destiny.I will not have it usurped by a bunch of desert rats like them.

I'll smash through your supposed destiny before you can even touch the Republic! You want to test yourself against me? You so much as show me your face, and I'll punch a hole in it! Dainichi Kaizoku answers only to himself. Fate doesn't exist in my world!

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Daithread part
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