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 Temple 2, Act 2

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Temple 2, Act 2 Empty
PostSubject: Temple 2, Act 2   Temple 2, Act 2 EmptyTue May 15, 2012 2:48 am

K: I bring in the hunter, have him start fightin him and his underlings with Romeo, Ryou eventually loses and gets taken by one of them

T: Moxie fights hunter, gets injured; Kyuuen stabilizes keibross, asks obvious questions, starts to worry how to get ot of this

S: Toya fights hunter and realizes how shallow his relationship with Kyuuen is. Rpmeo is epic. Miharu fights the hunter, uses Kagura. Some history between Kagura and the hunter is revealed. Miharu gets injured/put in a bad spot.

K: Ryou gets information on "What" the shikigami are. Maybe talk about the hunter's past, specifically? Also describe temple a tiny bit. Tsu will help.

T: Moxie uses her new power to invent cool move, saves Miharu and kills hunter. Kyu has rape flashbacks and pins down their hunter.

S: Romeo kills his hunter. Toya kills his hunter from Rika rage. Miharu is a bit shaken up.

K: Ryou gets the last information he needs. Tricks hunter and kills him. Ryou wins his game, gets a moment of freedom before the hunter's plannin to kill him and he uses the moment to kill the hunter xD

Temple 2, Act 2 AoLAV
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Temple 2, Act 2
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