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 Dai/Pantsu stuff

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Dai/Pantsu stuff Empty
PostSubject: Dai/Pantsu stuff   Dai/Pantsu stuff EmptySun Apr 29, 2012 8:32 pm

[3:45:27 PM] Sasuke: k
[3:45:41 PM] Sasuke: as for Dai im just initiating the attack. only thnigs I really gotta think about are like
[3:46:00 PM] Sasuke: magnitude I guess. how many people, is it all at once, how many of them are shinobi and how destructive they're being
[3:47:03 PM] Tsuneh: Mm. Need some input on it?
[3:48:01 PM] Sasuke: maybe
[3:48:10 PM] Sasuke: I have ideas, I just dunno what makes the most sense I guess
[3:48:26 PM] Tsuneh: Mm, you're thinking in the wrong direction, I think.
[3:48:43 PM] Tsuneh: There really isn't a "right" or "wrong" to the magnitude and the skill level
[3:48:59 PM] Tsuneh: the question you want to ask is "What emotion do I want to convey here?"
[3:49:23 PM] Tsuneh: Is the battle easily won, which lulls the reader in to safety because of the switch around of the security system
[3:49:41 PM] Tsuneh: Or do we want every ounce of it, every moment, to be hard fought?
[3:49:46 PM] Tsuneh: Typically my rule for Dai is:
[3:49:52 PM] Tsuneh: Make the odds against him as high as possible
[3:50:01 PM] Tsuneh: THat's how we end up with train punching, lol.
[3:50:16 PM] Sasuke: mm...
[3:50:32 PM] Sasuke: I guess I just dunno what that looks like here. what coould threaten him here?
[3:51:00 PM] Tsuneh: Enemies that slow him down.
[3:51:06 PM] Tsuneh: Earthbenders
[3:51:08 PM] Tsuneh: Summoners
[3:51:16 PM] Tsuneh: Plants or glue or something?
[3:51:36 PM] Tsuneh: It's not something he can't really
[3:51:38 PM] Tsuneh: er
[3:51:44 PM] Tsuneh: it's not something he can easily smash or burn or whatever
[3:51:50 PM] Tsuneh: either he has to smash or burn a lot of things
[3:51:57 PM] Tsuneh: or sneak by, which yeah, he can't do xD
[3:52:29 PM] Sasuke: hmm...
[3:53:12 PM] Sasuke: should I have it that soem are already inside too? and then like take action when the attack starts. Either that or just have a lot of them bust in before Dai and Pantsu can really set up, then he can't go full out even if he does want to just smash everything
[3:53:45 PM] Tsuneh: Well, I mean, if they're standing in front of the HoL, he can't just start hurling gravity waves regarldess. Doesn't want to break the building and hurt anyone inside
[3:53:52 PM] Tsuneh: It's the inehrent problem of fighting in the city
[3:53:57 PM] Tsuneh: but yeah, I do like some already being inside
[3:54:00 PM] Tsuneh: that adds tension and the need to go quickly
[3:54:08 PM] Tsuneh: and then the enemeis are forcing them to go slowly
[3:56:11 PM] Sasuke: mm
[3:56:46 PM] Sasuke: I kinda like the idea of someone with plants clogging up the halls and really messing with the environment/playing field too
[3:57:00 PM] Sasuke: oh or maybe like
[3:57:08 PM] Sasuke: spider summoner, sticky webs all over too
[3:57:10 PM] Sasuke: lol
[3:57:58 PM] Tsuneh: ooooh I like the spider guy
[3:58:12 PM] Tsuneh: Lol, yeah, basically, fight Kyuuen
[3:58:14 PM] Tsuneh: xD
[3:59:38 PM] Sasuke: forest + spider scareh combo lol
[3:59:46 PM] Sasuke: this also kinda answers a question I posed to klee
[4:00:14 PM] Sasuke: about the shinobi to normal guy ratio. I think I like the idea betetr of a lot mroe foto soldiers with a few sorta lieutenant-y shinobi guys who are pretty strong/unique instead of ltos of like genins
[4:00:16 PM] Sasuke: lol
[4:00:26 PM] Tsuneh: Yus.
[4:00:27 PM] Tsuneh: And!
[4:00:38 PM] Tsuneh: What's nice about this is that Pantsu isn't particularly suited to fight this type of grouping either
[4:00:55 PM] Tsuneh: What you might want to consider is splitting them up for a post each. Dai realizing that he can't break through this line so he sends Pantsu to phase through all of it
[4:01:01 PM] Tsuneh: to stop the people inside
[4:01:06 PM] Tsuneh: This creates more interesting action, plus
[4:01:14 PM] Tsuneh: inside, there can maybe ony be 5-10 enemies
[4:01:20 PM] Tsuneh: gives Klee fewer enemies to juggle and a much samller environment
[4:01:25 PM] Tsuneh: which shouldm ake it easier on her.
[4:01:47 PM] Sasuke: you mean like
[4:02:01 PM] Sasuke: they get attacked and cut off from the building, so he has Pantsu go in while he deals with the outer half?
[4:02:13 PM] Tsuneh: Exactly
[4:02:38 PM] Sasuke: yeah I kinda like that. though really I was thinking Dai would be more threatened by the inside being all messed up by plants and stuff
[4:02:48 PM] Tsuneh: Still could be
[4:03:02 PM] Tsuneh: more of a reaosn to send Pantsu in
[4:03:14 PM] Tsuneh: It'd be kind of a nice showing of trust for Pantsu
[4:03:29 PM] Tsuneh: And show Dai starting to slowly learn he can't do everything himself
[4:03:37 PM] Tsuneh: even though what he does outside is a lot more difficult than what ha[pens inside xD
[4:03:46 PM] Tsuneh: For bonus points, you can even have someone inside doing something regarding the poison plan
[4:03:59 PM] Tsuneh: which will give Pantsu needed extra data for his Kyoumougan to process for later
[4:04:44 PM] Sasuke: mm
[4:05:02 PM] Sasuke: yeah Im just not sure how to make the Dai fight outside that interesting. Yeah he can't go nuts in the city, but there's still a lot more room to work with
[4:06:40 PM] Tsuneh: Make it that he has to punch out every enemy
[4:06:41 PM] Tsuneh: lol
[4:06:50 PM] Tsuneh: Your gymanstical writing would be fun to read
[4:06:56 PM] Tsuneh: using gravity to move /himself/ rather than other stuff
[4:07:41 PM] Sasuke: psh like I have any real knowledge of that. and what I mean is /why/ would he have to do that
[4:07:59 PM] Tsuneh: Safest way to dispatch them witout damaging civilians
[4:08:08 PM] Tsuneh: Any close range attack would do
[4:08:10 PM] Tsuneh: Sword, kick, whatevs
[4:10:50 PM] Sasuke: bluh yeah Im just not confident in that at all and am not really visualizing the battle
[4:11:42 PM] Tsuneh: Well I'm sure you'll think of something!
[4:12:51 PM] Sasuke: why do I feel so bad about everything writing related all of a sudden. I was so good until the last few days
[4:13:00 PM] Tsuneh: I dunno D:
[4:15:10 PM] Sasuke: I used to love action writing so much, especially with Dai, and right now I feel like there's no chance of doing something cool
[4:15:25 PM] Tsuneh: What action
[4:15:29 PM] Tsuneh: sereis or movie or whatever
[4:15:33 PM] Tsuneh: inspires you more than anything?
[4:16:01 PM] Tsuneh: For me, quite honestly, it's Avatar. TTGL a bit. Some of DTB with it's ridiculous ferocity and intesnity.
[4:16:36 PM] Tsuneh: Oh, Code Geass, some of that was siiiick
[4:16:50 PM] Tsuneh: Jackie Chan movies
[4:17:22 PM] Tsuneh: Well, Naruto is awesome though I don't usually go back and watch that stuff.
[4:17:30 PM] Sasuke: idk I don't think I could really name one
[4:17:38 PM] Sasuke: I just like it in general
[4:17:52 PM] Tsuneh: Well what's something you haven't seen in a while but really thought was great?
[4:20:36 PM] Sasuke: idk early avatar stuff I guess would be one. there are some fights in FMA I like and I havent seen that in ages. I have a really bad mind for shows ive seen without liek a lsit in front of me
[4:22:24 PM] Tsuneh: this looks promising
[4:22:26 PM] Tsuneh:
[4:22:31 PM] Tsuneh: just skip the crappy intro
[4:23:44 PM] Tsuneh: Al is so pro
[4:25:19 PM] Tsuneh: Eh, it's not all fights though
[4:25:21 PM] Tsuneh: Gotta skip ahead
[4:25:28 PM] Tsuneh: to like 4:30 after that al one is done
[4:29:59 PM] Tsuneh:
[4:30:02 PM] Tsuneh: one of my favorites
[4:32:12 PM] Tsuneh: Got some random speeding up bits though
[4:33:10 PM] Tsuneh: Whatchu think of some of it?
[4:35:05 PM] Tsuneh:'re not watchingi t are you
[4:35:46 PM] Sasuke: no I just finished all of it. omg why the hell have I not watched brotherhood
[4:35:49 PM] Sasuke: lol
[4:36:12 PM] Tsuneh: I know, right
[4:36:28 PM] Sasuke: that Scar fight actually gave me some cool thoughts how...should what's his name, he's uh
[4:36:40 PM] Sasuke: he's Pride in the other anime, but he's rage right?
[4:36:50 PM] Tsuneh: King Bradley
[4:37:02 PM] Tsuneh: Can't rmember his sin
[4:37:03 PM] Sasuke: yeah but what is his like homonculus name lol
[4:37:05 PM] Sasuke: mm
[4:37:06 PM] Sasuke: anyway
[4:37:49 PM] Sasuke: when he was like sliding around on the earth that was cool and environment-based. and Ed just always makes me think of Dai not just with his arm thing but how direct and aggressive he is lol
[4:38:06 PM] Tsuneh: Yeah xDD
[4:38:21 PM] Sasuke: hmmmmm
[4:39:02 PM] Sasuke: when you were talking about
[4:39:19 PM] Sasuke: setting up maybe even a poison-related guy inside, how were you picturing i do that? I mean if he jut has pantsu go in
[4:39:22 PM] Sasuke: idk what I could do
[4:39:38 PM] Tsuneh: You wouldn't?
[4:39:44 PM] Tsuneh: Klee would
[4:39:50 PM] Sasuke: oh you meant just talking with her about it
[4:39:52 PM] Tsuneh: And it's not like, part of the whole plan, I jsut mean something like
[4:39:52 PM] Sasuke: lol
[4:39:53 PM] Tsuneh: an antidote or something
[4:40:03 PM] Tsuneh: something that would contribute to Pantsu figuring it out
[4:40:45 PM] Sasuke: mm
[4:41:27 PM] Sasuke: well shoot now I really like the idea of Dai fighting some earth guys outside lol
[4:41:33 PM] Tsuneh: Good xD
[4:42:04 PM] Sasuke: but I do like plant stuff too, so I hope Klee will be col with that for inside lol
[4:42:08 PM] Sasuke: cool*
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Dai/Pantsu stuff
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