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 Lykat 2

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PostSubject: Lykat 2   Lykat 2 EmptySat Apr 07, 2012 6:59 pm

Moxie loses her eyes in the battle, and essentially all combat power she has. Her chakra network is completely repaired as a result of the demon, but without sight she lacks the confidence to actually use any of it.

Two immediate solutions are offered: Toya can train Moxie to fight without sight, or Kohana can give up an eye. Moxie will do neither, for mostly psychological reasons. She's in no state to continue on the fight and has to be sent home to Suna to recover.

While in Suna, Moxie starts to question why she has lost her Persona and goes on a quest to figure out what she is fight for and if she can any longer. This quest takes her to talk to Romeo.

Romeo and Miharu are NOT together.

Romeo takes Moxie back to the place where she engaged the Shadow. Like before with Kyuuen, she cannot force the appearance of a shadow a second time.

Moxie disusses with Romeo the possibility of expanding her control of her Persona, not only getting it back. She talks about how Dakara was able to force out Kohana and Pantsu's shadows during their battle, and wonders why that is: was it unique to Dakara, or did Miharu miss something the first time when it came to the process of creating a persona?

Romeo (and Miharu? Not sure) decide to help Moxie disocver this. She learns how to get her Persona back, and in the process remembers a final vision that the future-time demon gave her: images of Moxie controlling multiple Personas in a battle. Moxie now knows how many Personas she needs, and what thye look like, but no idea how to get them.

In the proces, Moxie and the Genri discover that Dakara had disocvered a different technique to force out Shikigami – essentially the same power the “main bad guy” has – but because Dakara had succumbed to his shadow, it was a weakened form of it. Moxie learns to control (details figured out later).

The first Persona she receives is Romeo's himself – possibly Inari? Not sure, have to think that through.

The process of pulling the Personas properly involves Moxie needing to talk to the person about their shadow issues and helping them overcome it. This requires Hana-level empathy, something Moxie has not always been able to do. However, filled with humility from her physical-beatdown, she's able to do it much better.

The Personas she receives come from the people she talks to in Suna while Dys is doing their part of the mission, filling in the events of Inter-Lykat. She starts with minor cast and moves to more major ones. It would be something like this order:


Once she gets all of these, she goes back to Lykat and helps kick some butt!

Final sequence of the battle is basically Moxie using her poewrs to counter what the main baddie is doing. Lot of these details will obviously be figured out later.

Ultimatley, all shikigami/shugotenshi/shadows whatever all vanish as a result of this. Dys loses their persona power, the Genri lose their shikigami (which is something Romeo was aware of and wanted to do so that Miharu would be free of that life and able to pursue a relationship) and peace reigns over the world.

Now completely powerless, Moxie eventually accepts Kohana's eye and restores her regular combat abilities. The triplets all have sexeh eyepatches.


Connects a lot of aspects we created for the bad guy and creates a way to remove it.

Puts a shelf life on Personas – it wouldn't be something I would want to continue into Dys Gen 2, and it would be hard to not if their parents/uncles/autns all had secret to this awesome power.

Puts a bow on the Genri love story

Lets Moxie contribute in a new way and fuels the narrative of her finding out her missing time with a plot-important purpose as well as a a character development one.

We get to make awesome Personas for some characters (so want to see what Dai's would be)


Only two, but pretty big ones:

A lot like Persona: Esentially Moxie becomes MC, using her friends (Social Links) to get more personas (ranking arcana) and she's able to control multiple in battle. Also she has a sword. Not sure if that would be a bad thing, to copy all of that so closely.

This makes Moxie a bit more important than the rest of Dys in terms of soolving the bad guy problem. Doens't have to stay that way, and we can probably figure out a way to balance it even if we give her this path and power, but at the outset it would look like she was the mosti mportant for a while. Not sure if that's a bad thing or not, either, but we can chat.

Kay that's what I got. <3

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Lykat 2
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