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 Kyuuen/Toya Mission?

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Kyuuen/Toya Mission? Empty
PostSubject: Kyuuen/Toya Mission?   Kyuuen/Toya Mission? EmptyFri Mar 16, 2012 1:38 am

Shin is hired to kill Zato. Kyu and Toya go with him to pay back caravan debt.

Shin and Toya talk about the need for emotion in creating a moral code.

Zato fights them to stnadstill, injuring Shin. Zato offers for Shin to go back ato get healed, Kyuuen focuses on healing him, Toya and Zato have conversations regarding letting go of the past.

Shin is healed, kills Zato. Kyuuen and him argue about the nature of Kizuatorui, Toya also gets upset.

Shin decides to kill thsoe who have hired him, after he understands what they are doing. Kyu and Toya help.

Shin leaves to find his own path and his own life outside of the Kizuatorui. Kyu and Toya have brofists.

Kyuuen/Toya Mission? AoLAV
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Kyuuen/Toya Mission?
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