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 Gamma Dys

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PostSubject: Gamma Dys   Gamma Dys EmptyMon Mar 12, 2012 4:51 pm


So I was thinking at lunch today about how to get my guy-character up nad running and managed to come up with something of an idea. There's a lot involved so I decided to forgo the usual "wait until they're online" thing and just post it here for your convenient perusal and reference.

Here we go!


Alpha Dys - Dys.

Beta Dys - Dai, Kohana, Pantsu, Rika

Gamma Dys - Third Plotline which is currently being proposed.

Follow mah thought process

When I started trying to figure this out I remembered that I had this same problem not that long ago and I solved it by creating Skykids. That would've very handily taken care of my "I don't get to RP dude romance" problem. That of course collapsed, but it did remind me that it was possible to create an indpendent plotline to satisfy those needs.

Because Sasuke was right during last week's VC: it is hard to tag people in here and make it meanignful. And while I think Klee's approach of "keep making male NPCs and wait for one to stick" would definitely work, I also want to sorta respect what we've created to this point without trying to shoehorn something in.

So I played around with a few ways to do this (some rejected ideas included half-brothers for both Ryou, Toya, or Moxie), including Dai creating some Shiro Ku-like organization that served as watchmen over the entire world blah blah blah and I started hating it. But I liked the organization part of it (since Iwas reading Black Cat at the beginnig of lunch) and felt there was some potential.

That's when I realized I was stupid and that I wasn't using what we had right in front of us.

ONE LAST TIME: How the Nanaya saved my ideas again.

I came to realization that I didn't like the organization thing because Dai wouldn't do that. He wouldn't make a clandestine group of people to carefully monitor the political situations and the nstrike when the time was right. That's not what he does at all.

But Rika does.

We've bee ntalking for a while that the ultimate result of the Nanaya political shifts will be the public face is Yamainu while the Nanaya aspect remains secretive hunters that eliminate evil. But we never really fleshed it out past that.

So one way I realized that could happen would be for Rika to modify the definition of "Nanaya." Nanaya is no longer a bloodline, nor is it a birthright, nor is it a training method.

Nanaya is a belief.

In the New Nanaya, Rika re-organizes her organization in order to create autonomous units that can be sent throughout the world and monitor, and alter, political and societal situations in order to clandestinely preserve peace. As a result, she accepts a large numbber of people from other clans with different skills to keep all of these aspects balanced and useful. The Hunter part of it will still exist as an important aspect of this organization, but being Nanaya will not automatically mean being a hunter of some sort.

We may, in fact, want to make three words? Yamainu for public face, Nanaya for the "genetic history" (family name, basically), and another label for this new organization. Something to play with.

Core beliefs of New Nanaya

Instead of Rika making the decision for every small thing happening through the world, the New Nanaya operate in teams of three, each responsible for one of the main tenets.




The team arrives in a town or city or whatever. They investigate the facts and truths of what is going on in that location. They evaluate what should be done. And then eliminate who needs to be eliminated (or more simply, take the actions they think is best to spin things into motion.)

Each person in the team of three would be responsible for one of those ctions. Of course, the other parts of the team helps, but the single person is in charge of making the final decision for their piece.

The Nanaya Hunters would be, by and large, the Eliminaters, the ones who take the actions needed. The other two could be Nanaya who were not so good at the stabby-stabby part, but still have a lot of other skills to carry them through.

Gamma Dys

Gamma Dys would be a team of three New Nanaya, going from place to place solving problems.

This story would be more of a "problem of the week" style, rather than the over-arching arcs we tend to do. This allows us to play around with ideas and concepts that neither Alpha or Beta Dys has room for. (Of course we'll probably end up thinking of an arc anyway, but at least we can /try/ to plan on something else)

My opinions on why Gamma Dys is a good idea

We're awesome, that's why.

Okay, more specifically, we've been doing 3 threads pretty consistently for a couple of months now, even amongst all the other real life things htat have come up recently. I think that's made us overall better writers. Oddly enough, I think it /prevents/ lulls. We're never entirely too bored of one thing or another because we have new things to think about, new characters to conetmplate, etc. When someone is stuck with one thread, we're able to continue writing on others to keep our daily word counts up and our writing momentum strong.

I also think it's given us a lot of variety and practice. And prevents burnout from writing the same things all the time.

Plus it's fun!

We're also really good at prioritizing: Alpha then Beta. Gamma would be third priority, but still exist to satisfy the things we want to do but find ourselves unable to do in the somewhat stricter Alpha and Beta plotlines.

I don't think this will take away from the awesome Alpha plotline or playing around in the Beta one. It will just add to our overall enjoyment.

Theoretical Team Composition

We can create anything we want for the Gamma Dys team, of course, but here's on possibility I thought of that helped shape the Investigate/Evaluate/Eliminate model.

Tsuneh: Eliminate - Kizuatorui assassin for Kyuuen thread.

Klee: Investigate - The "one night stand" girl from Mitsuo. Posisble that maybe it doesn't stay a one night stand? That after Mitsuo loses Kohana that he goes back and starts seeing her steadily, even though it's a bad match. During that time, she learns his investigative skills.

Sasuke: Evaluate. Not sure who to use here, unless maybe the Genri? Otherwise just some new character.

Like I said, just a thought, nothing in stone.

Kay that's it, love you guys.

We can talk about this the first chance we get, or you can put your comments here.

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Gamma Dys
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